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"As a fruitarian I am obsessed with high quality fruit. And I will say that Martha's Best Papaya is probably some of the best fruit I've ever had in my entire life, and I eat more fruit than ANY of your customers without a doubt." - Michael Arnstein aka "The Fruitarian"


  • Martha's Best papaya is the only tree ripened papaya available in North America which is "reaped, packed, and air shipped within 36 hours." Providing you the sweetest and freshest papaya in the world. 
  • We grow only NON-GMO verified strawberry papaya.
  • Our fruit is grown just miles from where Christopher Columbus landed and discovered this delicious fruit. He called it the "fruit of the angels". 
  • Strawberry Papaya originated in the Caribbean and was taken to other parts of the world to grow, including Hawaii.
  • Our volcanic soil provides one of the best growing environments in the world.
  • Martha's Best manages nearly 700 fields in Jamaica and employs over 300 hard workers. Our turnover rate is one of the lowest in the industry.
  • We were founded in 1991 in Martha Brae, a small village on the North coast of Jamaica. The Martha Brae river was used to irrigate our original plantation.
  • We take our brand name Martha's Best, from this village, which was named after a local heroine who some 400 years ago saved the village from marauding pirates. 


When do I eat my Martha's Best papaya?

Store your Martha's Best papaya at room temperature until it has fully ripened to a golden yellow color. It will be ready to eat when you hold it firmly in the palm of your hand and you feel a slight give. At this time it can also be chilled.

How do I eat my Martha's Best papaya?
Begin by cutting off the top ½ inch of the stem end. This is the smallest end of the fruit. Next, cut the fruit in 1/2, lengthwise. The black seeds can be easily scooped out. The skin is not consumed.

How long does Martha's Best papaya need to ripen upon delivery?

We ship our papaya at maturity level 2 (which is mostly green), to ensure quality and freshness. Shipping at maturity level 2 is the optimal level to prevent damages occurring during transit. Please allow 3-5 days upon delivery for your papaya to ripen to a golden yellow color. Speckling is a natural part of our ripening process and does not affect the delicious taste of our papaya! 

Refund Policy

Our policy guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not fully satisfied with your product, simply return it to us within 7 days from the day of receipt and we will refund the full amount of your money back. Please allow 5-10 business days for the refund.