Treat yourself to one of nature’s sweetest gifts. Martha’s Best Papaya - the world’s sweetest.  It can only be grown this way in one perfect climate.


Our plantation is in the Caribbean, surrounded by lush, natural beauty, swept by the balmy trade winds of the islands. It’s where this type of papaya, “strawberry papaya” originated. It’s the place we call home. The sweetest place on earth.


Runners, swimmers, and cyclists benefit from adding our nutrient- dense, non- GMO superfoods to their regimen. For training; to cut fat; for more energy; added vitamins C &A; as a super snack or a meal by themselves.

From adding variety to your nutritional mix, to enjoying one of the sweetest things in life, we have a package to keep our papaya ripe and in reach.

We will start accepting orders on Monday, October 6th, thanks for your patience!